Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 Key Objectives Of SEO Articles

Article By: Bay Cities Marketing

The following is a list of the three major objectives you want to achieve when you write and publish an article on SEO. They will go a long way to generating traffic.


Your objective is to try and get readers to remain on your website and actually take in some of the information you provide. Believe it or not, Google tracks the amount of time visitors actually spend at your site. Im sure they dont do it for fun. It has a role in determining your search engine ranking.
Visitors to your site are much savvier than you might think. They are visiting your website to obtain information on a particular topic and will recognize frivolous, non-relevant and poorly written content right off the bat and they wont hang around very long.

Remember that in most cases, readers are sitting at their computer with your website content in front of them. They need a reason to continue looking at it and absorbing the information you are providing.
You need to grab their attention. Super information will do that. You may also tell a story or make a humorous comment. If you can convert your reader into an interested party you have much better chance of converting him or her to a sale.

Before you publish your article, step back for awhile and then re-read it. Proof reading is one of the most common omissions made by article marketers. Things like grammar and punctuation are important features of a well written and well read article.

Using keywords in your article is always a tricky thing to do. You can actually use keywords too often and is often considered "stuffing" by Google when it crawls your site and will have a negative effect on your search engine ranking. You should try and place your keywords within your article without making them stand out in an awkward style. Proper placement of keywords should allow your article to flow in a readable fashion that readers can understand. Experienced internet marketers will catch the misuse of keywords right away. And they will leave your site.

Even the very best article will be of no benefit to you if nobody sees it. Keywords are intended to allow search engines to index the type of article that match a searchers query. If possible try to find and use keywords that are well searched but with less competition than more common ones.

Call To Action
By far the most missed item in any article is what is referred in sales as a "call to action". It is a fact that many people fail at sales because they simply dont ask for the sale!

In an article, it is vital to capture the readers attention early in the article and gradually build up to what must be a request for your reader to make a decision. Avoid catchy phrases, over-hype, and loud graphics that actually turn people off rather than excite them. In an ideal situation your article will have the effect of making your reader want to take action. In which case you simply lead them along to what they need to do next.


Always be mindful of how you write your article. It must be more than just a compilation of keywords around sentences. Your article, particularly an SEO article, can be very beneficial to you. Finally, when you bring readers to your site you want to grab their attention and encourage them to take action. This can be done effectively with a well written article.

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