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Hiding SEO Keywords

Hiding SEO Keywords

Author: Meridith Word

Tricks of the trade, definitely not! Hiding SEO keywords is a black hat trick that people for years have used to attract attention from Google and other major search engines. They will hide or shrink the keywords hoping that Google will not notice the stuffing and index their web pages.

Hiding and shrinking SEO keywords is not smart. Usually someone hiding keywords will also stuff keywords that have nothing to do with the main theme of their website into their web pages. Hiding is the process of stuffing the keywords into a large amount of web content and then hiding them so that the users cannot see the keywords. But they are not hidden from the crawlers on major search engines.

An example of hiding keywords may appear in html as bat, bat, bat. Notice the keywords are back to back. These words can be accessed by clicking on the content located at the top of the page. Then you must drag your mouse over to the lower section of the page to highlight the content in between. Source codes will also reveal hidden keywords.

Search engines will look for hidden keywords in web pages. Designers typically use smaller fonts as another tactic to hide the words. Search engines also pick up this spam tactic. The process of search engine optimizing is illegal. Thus, SEO experts know this and they should avoid any cramming or hiding of SEO keywords in any web page.

If the major search engines catches this action, your pages will not be indexed. In addition, you could lose your opportunity at a later time of getting the next optimized web page indexed. SEO keywords should be used correctly and hiding of the keywords should never be considered.

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I have been working within the web design field for the past 10 years. I have spent most of those years studying SEO and how it correlates with web design. I have also taken many University level writing courses for self-improvement in article writing. I strive to write unique high-quality SEO articles for both my clients and myself. You can reach me, Meridith Word, at my website Jasis Designs.

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