Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Proliferation of Unethical SEO Content

A Proliferation of Unethical SEO Content

Author: John Wattson

SEO content (search engine optimization) has lately been used as an effective means for gaining exposure to a website. Many online companies are strategizing, by creating SEO content, so that when a user searches using various keywords, the website will hopefully show up at the top of the entries, but it is not necessarily ethical SEO content. Therefore, a proliferation of predicted popular keywords are being placed throughout web literature in hopes that, if the keywords appear enough times in the article, their website will be found before all of the others. The question many begin to ask is, can any business create these articles that can improve search-engine rankings? The short answer to this is yes. For people to discover a particular website, a string of words needs to match those placed into the search engine by the interested party. But a search engine looks at two issues: where the keyword phrases are and the number of times that they appear. The search engine assumes that the keywords link to a relevant page. The problem, with a lot of SEO content that is not ethical SEO content, is that it is bogus; it can be used as a form of deceit and trickery because the company can offer nothing, yet if it can attract millions to the webpage. So many SEO companies are trying to find content that is of value in some way to the person perusing the site. As a result of writing ethical SEO, rankings go up, valid, worthwhile information is out there—and everybody wins.

The problem with writing cunning SEO content is that it weakens and dilutes the level of results based on searches. No company will be taken seriously when the interested party discovers that there is nothing being offered, only a deceptive means to get the individual to land on the webpage. The business runs the risk of losing their reputation, while at the same time lessening the reputability of many other online businesses. Because of this proliferation of bogus content, search engines are trying to block out this spam by using a number of methods, but what about those with something valid to offer? Ethical SEO content can be used to promote business and satisfy the customer at the same time. SEO content has a valid place, and provided that it is ethical SEO content, then consumers frequenting the online business will not be cheated. SEO content that creates spam rises and crashes in a hurry, whereas an ethical SEO approach shows a steady decline that keeps rising. So, for those companies that create a myriad of stringed words in hopes of getting rich quick are only cheating themselves. Ethical SEO content provides quality for its visitors, and website owners actually can feel good because they are providing valuable information—not a skeleton, or a ghost of a product.

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