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Author: Wealth Maker

What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Google, Yahoo and Bing [formerly MSN] crawl through content of your article, blog, website, etc., and look for valuable and relevant content. SEO is what gets you in the top 10 positions on the left side of the page when it is opened up. It is referred to as generic listings. On the right side of the page you will see little boxes or ads, and those are what is considered PPC [Pay Per Click]. Every time you click on those, the advertiser pays Google, Yahoo or Bing (depending what search engine you are using).

The crawlers that are looking for good content go from left to right, so it is important that your title and article have keywords that these crawlers can pick up and are relevant to your article/blog/site.

There are basically 5 mistakes that most people make when they are trying to optimize for SEO content.

Mistake #1: Keyword Stuffing. This is the overuse of keywords that identify the content of your website, blog, article, etc. If you "stuff" too many keywords into your title and/or your headline, and/or article, the crawlers will reject it. "Stuffing" is just as bad as not having any keywords. Either way will not get your article ranked. The bottom line -- too many keywords in your title will not give you the results that you want.

Mistake #2: Missing Keywords. Totally leaving out keywords, or not having relevant keywords will not get you ranked either. The first two words of the Title need to have or be part of the keywords -- Google reads from left to right when searching for content. Why is ranking so important? If you don't get ranked, your website, blog, article will not get found. If you can't be found, all your work and time and effort you put into it will be in vain. All your content is out there somewhere , floating in cyber space!! You can search the relevancy of the keywords that you want to use by going to Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker, or by using Google Keyword Tool, both of which are free. Remember, without the proper keywords on your title/headline, the chances of you getting ranked high enough for people to find your website is slim to none.

Mistake #3: Missing Description. By always using descriptions on your blog posts allows for better rankings and click through. Be brief, but descriptive. Remember -- people scan quickly! If they can't find what they are looking for, in 2 seconds they are gone! Whether it is in your title or in the content, descriptions are key on having people find what they are looking for. For example, if your website is for a restaurant, you want pictures, a menu and maybe even some recipes for favorite dishes. CAPITALIZATION isn't not good for descriptions, especially in titles. Your description needs to be relevant.

Mistake #4: Simple Anchor Texts. You can have the best written article in the world, and if you don't have anchor texts that backlink to your website, then the article is not doing what you want it to do -- have people come to your site and buy whatever it is you are selling. This is probably the most common overlooked mistake. For example, if you are having people go to your landing page, and you simply have a click through or backlink that says "Click Here", it really isn't compelling. However, if it says something like "I Want Paul's Growing Formula To Success", it is more compelling and appealing for people to click through. Also, always make sure that you add backlinks to others websites or your websites.

Mistake #5: Title Tags. The title of your page or post that you want to rank is the single most important factor when it comes to on-page optimization. Take some time and put some thought into your title and keywords. For example, the title of this post is SEO Mistakes to Avoid. The first two words rank high in keywords that are being searched, in fact the whole title ranks high.

So now you know! When first starting out, keep your title and keywords simple, and check them to see how competitive they are. As time goes on, and you get more skilled, go for those competitive keywords.

To your success!

About the Author:

As a real estate investor, father of 3 adult prosperous and wonderful children, and business owner, I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, and have successfully started and sold several businesses over the years. I have even started some businesses that have failed; so I know both ends of the spectrum!

I have tried several different MLM companies, and was able to build a good organization with them, but it seemed that the leaders always left for some other ‘newest and latest’ business opportunity. In one case, our up line even kept the money that was supposed to pass on down to us!!

Even when I had a brick and mortar business, I was always looking for ways to build a business online; something that would give me a residual income. I have tried several affiliate programs that promised me thousands of dollars if I would just promote their product. Little did I know that the thousands of dollars would be coming from my pocket…instead of how I had envisioned it – going into my pocket!!

I am the kind of guy you really do want to get to know and learn from!! Click on the link below to learn more about me


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